Our Favorite Educator: My Inspiration for the Harry Potter Teacher Planner

Our Favorite Educator: My Inspiration for the Harry Potter Teacher Planner

This post offers insight into the journey behind the creation of our first-ever Harry Potter Teacher Planner and serves as an appreciation post for my daughter, Haley, Con*Quest Journals' favorite educator!

My daughter, Haley, is a third-grade Spanish Immersion teacher and has been an inspiration to me for years! She was the one who began using paper planners and decorating them with her BFF in high school - which then inspired me to start decorative planning and to eventually create planners too!

Fast forward to Haley's teaching career and continued love of planners. When I was actually buying OTHER teacher planners for her, I knew we needed to make our own. Plus, we had so many friends and customers ask for them! Every year that we released a new planner, our DMs and emails would flood with requests for a teacher planner.

Haley's input was invaluable in designing our first-ever teacher planner. She suggested: "Have at least 14 checklist pages - we use SO many of those."

She also suggested: "On the weekly pages, the sections should be for either subjects or periods, so it works for teachers of all grades."

I think one of her best suggestions was to add a page for listing classroom resources and websites - a lot of teacher planners are missing this feature! On these pages we also included school contacts, marking periods, emergency procedures, special duties, and a section for other instructions and important procedures.

Another great suggestion she had was creating double-lined rows on the "Owl Posts" communication log pages.

Every detail that went into creating this teacher planner had input from our favorite educator! I asked her about binding, covers, and stickers, as well as what she used, what she didn't use, and what she liked and disliked. And with that, we created the first edition of our Harry Potter Teacher Planner! Thank you, Haley! We couldn't have done it without you!

This journey is a testament to the power of inspiration and collaboration. We did a smaller production run this year for the first edition, and if all goes well, we will be bringing these teacher planners to our favorite educators every year in the future! We sure hope you love this teacher planner as much as we do!

Thanks so much always, for the continued love and support!

- Shelley

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