Harry Potter Hogwarts Spiral Dated Teacher Planner

Magical Classroom Planning: The Harry Potter Hogwarts Teacher Planner

Are you ready to bring a touch of magic into your classroom organization? Look no further than the Harry Potter Hogwarts July 2024 - June 2025 Weekly Teacher Planner from Con*Quest Journals! Crafted with input from our favorite educator, a third-grade teacher, this planner is designed to help you stay on top of your classroom mischief while adding a dash of Wizarding World charm to your teaching routine.

Crafted for Educators, by Educators

We understand the unique needs of teachers, which is why we collaborated closely with a dedicated educator to create a teacher planner that caters specifically to the demands of the classroom. From essential information pages to detailed student lists under the header "Witches and Wizards," and even a communication log titled "Owl Posts," every section has been created to add magic and organization to your classroom planning.

Magic on Every Page

Each month begins with two pages for comprehensive planning, while the weekly layout, in a vertical format with seven sections and lines, is versatile for teachers of all grades. And every page has magical touches like Harry flying on his broomstick through the clouds while the Golden Snitch sparkles in the air.

Even Meetings Will Be Magical

With four fun and foiled sticker sheets included in the planner, even your scheduled meetings and tests will be magical (well, at least planning them will be!) when you decorate your weeks and months ahead. Sparkling snitches, boiling cauldrons, and flying brooms are just a few of the functional stickers included.

Plus, there is a 2-pocket folder included for keeping extra notes and papers organized within your 2024-2025 planner.

Complete Your Teacher Ensemble

Don't forget to complete your teacher ensemble with the matching Harry Potter Hogwarts Teacher Tote Bag! Designed to complement your planner, this tote bag offers ample space to carry around all your teaching necessities in style. There is a large, padded laptop pocket, a side pocket with closure, and a wand holder inside. The bag features a zipper closure so you can keep everything secure in the bag.

Mischief Managed

Return to Hogwarts for your school year preparations with the Harry Potter Hogwarts Teacher Planner. Whether you're an experienced educator or just starting your teaching journey, this planner is your ticket to organized and magical classroom management.

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