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At least one shelf is dusted! 🤣🧹

Adding the new Hogwarts Puffy Sticker activity set to my home office shelf! These are sets are perfect for play or display!

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🦌Introducing our new Harry Potter Puffy Activity Sets!🦌

We are so excited to announce our new line of Puffy Sticker Activity Sets! First up, Hagrid’s Hut with the Forbidden Forest! For play or display, two sheets of movable and removable puffy stickers include Harry, Ron, Hermione and Luna all ready for Care of Magical Creatures by Hagrid’s Hut! The Forbidden Forest can be full of magical and mythical creatures including Unicorns, Thestrals and Hippogriffs!

We brought in a test run of these so grab yours now!

#harrypotter #pottergram #hogwarts #hagrid #hagridshut #harrypotterstickers

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🦉Great Horned Owl find at CVS!🦉

No, I was NOT able to find Hedwig at my local Party City but last night in CVS I stumbled upon this moving, light up, sound effect Great Horned Owl! He will be standing sentry over our warehouse front lobby. He was only $39.99 and with the CVS care card, it was buy one, get one 50% off (so I bought dancing Snoopy too!) Also this is just me posting something I found. 🖤

I love him so much. He needs a name! Give me your best name ideas in the comments!

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CVS find! Not Harry Potter related but isn’t Mummy Snoopy so cute! ...

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✨Goal Setting✨

From my research of the top 5 benefits to using a weekly planner, here is number 4! I had not thought about the positive reinforcement you get from seeing your progress as you use a planner but it`s so true! I love flipping back through my previous weeks!

Improved Goal Setting:
Weekly planners are fantastic tools for setting and tracking your goals. You can break down larger objectives into smaller, actionable steps and assign them to specific days or time slots. This approach makes your goals more achievable and helps you stay accountable. As you consistently use your planner, you`ll have a record of your progress, which can be highly motivating.

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If you’re heading to Barnes and Noble soon, be on the lookout for the new BN exclusive Harry Potter house journals we made for them! If you see them and tag us, I will make sure to share! 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 ...

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🇮🇹There is a trend going around, asking men how often they think about the Roman Empire. Two of the men I am closest to both answered “Probably more than most.” - almost the same exact answer, with no prompting or leading! It’s cracking me up! If you ask the guys you know, let me know in the comments what they say! ...

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Today is #3 of the top 5 reasons to use a weekly planner! Feeling nostalgic for Supernatural so here is one of my SPN planner spreads from the Spring. 🖤

3. Increased Productivity:
When you use a weekly planner, you`re more likely to stay focused and accomplish your goals. The act of writing down tasks and deadlines reinforces your commitment to completing them. Additionally, the satisfaction of checking off completed tasks provides a sense of accomplishment that motivates you to tackle the next item on your list. This positive feedback loop can significantly boost your productivity.

I LOVE this last point - making a positive feedback loop that makes you feel good about getting things done. Isn`t checking off lists so satisfying?

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