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Ted and Shelley post Gen Con 2015Shelley and Ted have been in business together for five years, building the One Less™ Nemesis t-shirt brand and going to lots and lots of conventions. They’ve been to industry trade shows, Star Trek conventions and comic cons both large and small. Shelley left each show with bags and envelopes and folders of her autographs, photo-ops and artwork and put them in a closet. Those funny cosplay pictures stayed on their phones, never being enjoyed again.

Then in January of 2014, while at a comic con, they walked past a journal booth and a photo sleeve booth and said to each other: why hasn’t anyone ever made a journal especially designed for comic cons? Big enough for the photo-ops, with enough room to stick pictures all over the pages? And then when fans are standing in line or at a panel, they can take notes and write funny stuff down? We should do this! So they did. The Con*Quest Journal™ debuted in March of 2014. Handcrafted in the US with completely original artwork designed especially for fan, gaming and comic conventions, they are the best way to collect and protect convention experiences.



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