What's an Adventure Journal?

Have you ever been to a comicon or fan convention before? What do you do with all of your photo-ops, autographs, business cards, city maps and ticket stubs from the most awesome con weekend you’ve ever had (I have bags and folders and envelopes of stuff)? Now you can journal your adventure as it happens and have your special memories all in one place before you even leave the con!
The Con*Quest Adventure Journal is your place to stick, stuff and journal your convention adventure. From your favorite vendors and artists, to autographs, cosplay and photo-ops, there’s a place for anything and everything you do at a convention.
Write in, stick on and stuff in everything you’re experiencing
Put your 8” x 10” photo-ops in the sleeves
Stuff your tickets and stubs in the zippered pocket
Have the autograph pages signed and stick a picture by it
Jot down your favorite quotes from the panels
Grab business cards, take pictures and jot down all of the favorite things you’re eating, people you’re meeting, vendors you love and artists you admire. Fill it all in as it’s happening! Move pages, change sections, paste, stuff and note. Make it yours.
By the time you leave, you’ll have a journal of your own personal Con Adventure!
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