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Supernatural ChiCon here we come!

We’ll be vending at the Supernatural Chicago Con this weekend at Hyatt Regency O’Hare! We’re excited to see our Creation Entertainment and Supernatural family again. We’re bringing hardback and leather Hunter’s Journals with us plus some new Supernatural inspired stickers. And we’re going to test a crafting area at our table that will have some supplies and fun things you can add to your journal. See you at the show!

Includes (100) 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" lined notebook pages.

Includes (100) 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ lined notebook pages.

One sticker in our new sticker pack!

One sticker in our new sticker pack!

One sticker in our new sticker pack!

One sticker in our new sticker pack!

One sticker in our new sticker pack!

One sticker in our new sticker pack!

One sticker in our new sticker pack!

One sticker in our new sticker pack!

Bring Me Pie!

Crafting supplies will be available at our table!

Crafting supplies will be available at our table!

That time Supernatural (cons) brought us to our knees

You can be going along in your business, watching it grow slowly, especially in retail. You hope people love what you’ve made and that it becomes a thing they want. And we have our fans and friends, who have loved us from the beginning (THANK YOU!) Then Ted vended at the first Creation Entertainment Supernatural Convention that we could get to in Minneapolis since launching the new Hunter’s and Companion’s Journals. He was working Minncon and was literally too busy to communicate with me. What was going on?


Here is about the only photo he took during the whole show, with the awesome chick who bought our last journal there.

She bought our last journal at Minncon!

She bought our last journal at Minncon!

We had saved half of our remaining inventory that I shipped to Seattle so we could go to Vancouver. Hoping we would get lucky enough to sell out again, I flew to Seattle, we went to Felicia Day’s signing and then drove up to Vancouver.

To our absolute joy, we sold out again! Faster than the previous weekend at that.

At the end of the show, I was crying and hugging everyone. What a great feeling for us! We have always felt like these journals are a fantastic idea but they were just not hitting people in their hearts. But our new journals? They totally do that!

We are not where we need to be yet, it’s still a labor of love. But now more people are sharing that love with us. And it’s totally amazing. We have to thank Tracey Gurney for being such a fangirl and creating gorgeous designs that brought our vision to life. In the end, it’s all about reaching into the hearts of fellow fans and making something special for them.

Below are some of our favorite pictures we snapped at Vancon. We’ll be printing these and adding them to our Hunter’s Journal 🙂 Thank you to everyone who bought one and brought us to our knees with joy!

We’ll keep on going and making new, gorgeous ways for you to journal your con!


leather Hunter's Journals

First time we had both our big leather and small leather journals. Gorge! These sold out by Friday morning.

Ted, Felicia and I

At Felicia’s book signing. If only I sat up straighter…

Vancouver Convention Center

It was beautiful for ONE DAY


Decked out journal, new fancy pens!


Winchester Bros contest winner!


Charlie LARP cosplay. SO MUCH AWEOME


Selling out!


I had noodles, no sushi for me!


Excellent replica of the blade.

Osric Chau

Osric Chau spent some time with us on Sunday!

Crossing the border back to the US

Our friend Gary from Creation Entertainment, Ted and I in the vendor room

Hunter's Journals

Look at those fantastic autographs in silver on the inside covers! Love it!


This journal was dedicated to Misha 🙂


I literally chased Chris down to make him take this selfie with us <3


They carried around their page to fill it up with autographs! I would have taken my whole book, but we love how they’re making it work for them!


We always have to add something to our journal, every show. This is our Louden Swain page 🙂


IMG_4341Our last day

Vancon Hunter’s Journal giveaway with Winchester Bros!

Hunter's Journal and tote bagWe have two back to back Creation Entertainment Supernatural cons coming up and we are celebrating with our favorite source of all Supernatural news and goodness: Winchester Bros! We’ll be making our first appearance at the Vancouver convention next week and are giving away one of our brand spanking new Hunter’s Journals and a canvas tote bag that you can pick up at the show.

To enter, simply tweet this exact phrase: I want a @Quest_Journals Hunter’s Journal for #Supernatural #VanCon thanks to @winchesterbros #vanconjournal

The contest will run from Monday, August 24th through Thursday August 27th. You must tweet the above phrase and include the #vanconjournal hashtag. You must be attending Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural convention in Vancouver to be eligible. A winner will be randomly drawn on Thursday. No purchase necessary. Please do not spam tweets, be considerate of others in your contest tweeting 🙂

Why would you want a Hunter’s Journal for your Vancon experience? Because you need a place to capture, protect and show off all of the photo ops, autographs, funny quotes and generally awesome moments you will have there. Here’s a look at my journal, but you can do so much with it! Have everyone you meet sign it like a yearbook or just jot down things you want to remember for next time, like where you ate and how you kept organized.

We will even have a 4″ x 6″ photo printer at our table in the vendor room so you can get those fun photos from your phone and put them right in your journal.

See you at Vancon!

Note your panels, photo-op times and more

Note your panels, photo-op times and more

Inspired by Supernatural, THIS is where your hunt begins!

Inspired by Supernatural, THIS is where your hunt begins!

Stick anything you want, write notes on the pages

Stick anything you want, write notes on the pages

Love the silver Sharpie on the inside cover

Love the silver Sharpie on the inside cover


Have artists sign or draw in your journal

Have artists sign or draw in your journal

Stickers, artwork, business cards

Stickers, artwork, business cards

You now have a place to show off those unbelievable moments

You now have a place to show off those unbelievable moments

Protect those precious photo-ops!

Protect those precious photo-ops!

Write down the best quotes when you're in a panel

Write down the best quotes when you’re in a panel



Gen Con 2015: That Time I Peed and Missed Wil Wheaton

Gen Con 2015 is now behind us and what an amazing show it was! In fact, it was the biggest show in our young company history! But before I go into the photos and the fun, I have to tell you one of the most iconic stories that is going to go down in infamy. That time I went to pee and missed Wil Wheaton‘s visit to my booth.

It was Thursday afternoon and we had been going strong with the pre-order pick ups and sales. Thursday ended up as our biggest day at the show. In fact, Ted and I skipped lunch that day, we just had no time. That afternoon, I finally ran to the bathroom. I left my phone in the booth, which is CRAZY because I never go anywhere without my phone. But I was in a hurry and didn’t want to drop it in the toilet. Ew. So I ran around the corner to the restroom. On my way I stopped and talked with one of my Gen Con BFFs and another exhibitor about business. Then I ran into another exhibitor who I was introducing to LARPs the Series. Finally, I went back to the booth and it went like this:

Me: Ted I’m SO SORRY I was gone so long, I know you had to go too.

Ted: No, Shelley. No. I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.

Me: What???? What’s wrong, Oh my God!

Ted: Wil Wheaton came to the booth and you missed him. I tried to call you, but your phone rang right next to me. He told his people about the journals and what a great idea they are. He hung out a little bit. He asked if I was the one who emailed him all the time and I said ‘no, that would be my business partner, Shelley.’ He left and I forgot to offer him a journal so I found him and did so. Then he was gone.


 *currently taking a few minutes to pull my shit together*

Ok. So I did not immediately start sobbing in the booth. I had customers for eff’s sakes. But I was shaken. I looked around and Ted said he was long gone. I texted my sister and my daughter about my agony.

Daughter: OH NO MOM!

Sister: Only you.

I tried to go to the Titan’s Grave panel and it was sold out. I went by Geek & Sundry a few times. But it’s hard to be gone from the booth that long for a panel or to walk the floor because we were working hard to try to sell our asses off. In fact, I lost my voice because I was pitching the journals so hard.

I sat down on Friday night and wrote him another email, thanking him for taking the time to come by the booth. That’s when I cried, just a little. You see, I think he just seems so fun. I love to watch Tabletop. I’m a fan. And I’m really into building a business around doing things that I love. Just like Wil and his wife Anne and Felicia Day. *sigh*

At the time, I tweeted that this is simultaneously the worst and best Gen Con story EVER. And that’s true. But I would rather have had the story be: THE TIME WIL WHEATON STOPPED BY MY BOOTH AND WE CHATTED AND HE SIGNED IT.

There it is. BUT we did have a fantastic show. And made some amazing connections! We didn’t sell out, but we will next year.

And John Kovalic stopped by our booth! Amazingly, I was not in the bathroom when this happened so I got a picture with him!

Famed Munchkin Illustrator John Kovalic stopped by our booth!

Famed Munchkin Illustrator John Kovalic stopped by our booth!

Thanks to Gen Con, Scott, Megan, Jen, Roy, Tracey, Michelle, Doug, Kathy, Haley, Megan, Darrin, John, Dan, Liz and so many of our friends and family, we sold more journals than ever. And we were just so proud of the beautiful Gamer’s Journals that Tracey Gurney designed. We really wanted to make something beautiful and unique as a thank you to the Gen Con Community for all of their support during our 2014 Kickstarter.

Here’s our Gen Con love letter in pictures. We can’t wait to get started on 2016!



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