Staying Home: Planning and Staying Motivated

Hi guys!

First we just want to say that we hope you are all safe and well. This is such new territory we are all on and it's scary, unsure footing.

Some of the ways I've been coping have been planning my weeks and days consistently, just like I did before the virus hit. I have also continued to journal. I'm doing my writing in my Castiel bullet journal now and doing less photo/memory keeping, but I think the date progressions will be important for us in years to come as we reflect on this unprecedented time. When I think of historical journals and diaries that we have from long ago and how they give us such deep insight into those people and times, it has occurred to me that we are also experiencing a moment in history that is journal-worthy.

I am not an expert on planning or journaling but I wanted to share some of the things I've been doing in hopes that it can help you as well. With everyone at home (my kids are 17 and 21), my first goal was to maintain my schedule. So on Sundays, I sit down with my planner (and my daughter does as well in her Hufflepuff planner, she's an elementary ed student teacher working remotely) to plan my week. I write in calls and e-meetings and important to-dos to keep myself on track. I treat these tasks just like I did the errands I used to run. I am also making sure to include fun stickers that make me laugh. As my grandma used to say, it's no laughing matter but it's no matter if you laugh.

Speaking of meal planning, before my last trip to the store where I bought just enough for about 9 meals (making sure not to take more than we needed), I sat down with the kids and said "ok, what are 9 meals we can have over the next two weeks" and came up with a list. With eating leftovers, sandwich nights and continuing to support local restaurants with delivery, I think we will have at least two weeks. I write the meals in my planner, I have them listed in bullet journal for memory keeping and I put them up on a chalkboard in my kitchen so we all know the plan.

One silver lining in all of this is the time I am getting to spend with my kids. I love it. We have so many board games from my years at Gen Con (we've played a lot of Munchkin and Shit Happens), that even now we aren't getting through all of them. I also bought us two big Lego sets right after Christmas with some of gift cards: Hogwarts Great Hall and Boba Fett's ship. So there is a lot of building to do together! With games, puzzles to do, movies to watch, shows to binge, Legos to build, I am like a kid in a candy store: "What do we do NEXT!" So I wrote down the list and when we can't decide, we'll roll a die to see which one to do.


In my bullet journal, I have been doing quite a bit of writing to chronicle the events. But I am also planning to put photos in here of the puzzles we've completed, the games we've been playing and some of the other fun things we've been doing. I'm hoping this will show not only the hard and scary part of this situation but also the times of being together and being happy.

I know many of you have kids of all ages at home who are trying to navigate e-learning and get organized. I find that when my kids create their plans and I create mine, that we are focused and feel a little more in control. Just because we aren't going out doesn't mean we can't have a plan for ourselves and our family. All of our Supernatural and Harry Potter planners are on sale now for over 60% off and these can be a fun way to stay on schedule and be less like a chore.

Please be safe and well!