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Better than potato salad – a Kickstarter story during the great food debate

As a creator on Kickstarter during the now infamous Potato Salad Kickstarter, at first I was completely annoyed (as I’m sure many were) by the sheer news coverage and just the amount of money being thrown at a guy who was making potato salad. People were supporting a guy who was not even offering a valid reward! Infuriating!

But wait a minute, my public relations mind said. There are many people who, prior to this potato salad, had no idea what Kickstarter was. I know this because when I have explained to acquaintances and friends outside of my comic-con world that I launched a Kickstarter, they had no idea what I was referring to. Then I realized the magic. Potato salad has put Kickstarter in the forefront of the media, even more so now than before. And with that, came the idea for a quick video response and the headline: Better than potato salad – a comic-con journal Kickstarter.

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