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Confessions of a Geek Mom

I was thinking about dinner out last night with family and some of their friends and it’s occurred to me that I may have an easier time talking to teenage boys than to my peers. I know that sounds super creepy, but hear me out. As I was making conversation, I started asking another couple if they watch Game of Thrones? “No? How about Walking Dead? Supernatural? Gilmore Girls? Doctor Who? You’ve seen The Force Awakens, yes that’s my BB-8 purse. I have a Star Trek Kickstarter going right now too! What’s Kickstarter? Um, well.”

I leaned over to the kids area of the table where my teenage daughter and son and three other teenagers sat and had this unsettling feeling that I have more in common with them than my peers. In fact, I had been on Snapchat singing the Gilmore Girls theme on Friday and sang Finn’s buff baby song (that Marceline saw him sing as a baby “Punch a yo buns!”) on Saturday. (Psst, Finn is from Adventure Time FYI).

This got me to thinking about how I grew up and where I am now, trying to build a business out of journals for conventions. Using my deep fandom passions that have driven me to this point my whole life. Yes, it’s trendy to say you’re a Geek mom now, but the reality is that it’s not always been the case, wasn’t always trendy. And it’s not just since I’ve been a mom. I’ve been awkward my whole life.



Little Shelley: “How many times have you seen Star Wars? You haven’t? Me? 7 times and the movie theater is all the way in Muncie!”

“Mother where is my ET nightgown?”

“Can I get a land speeder and R2D2 for Christmas?”

“I want to watch the Archie movie again. Where are my Mad Magazines? Can I get this Betty and Veronica digest? I want to name my daughter Veronica so we can call her Ronnie.”


“Everyone STOP TALKING! John Taylor is on and it’s the Reflex video!”

“This is the best Bugs Bunny ever made, I know it’s an opera and I still cry every time.”

“When is Watership Down going to be on again? I know I’ve seen it 10 times.”

“Bon Jovi? No, I just bought the new Cure and New Order albums.”

Adult Me

“Sally, Mother, you have to read these new Stephen King Chapter books with me. It’s called the Green Mile and we can all read them at the same time.”

To my sister “When does Order of the Phoenix come out? I’m going to come over and lock myself in your guest bedroom to avoid my family and read it.”

“Have you ever seen Buffy? I didn’t see it when it was on but I stayed up until 3 am watching season 5. I’m a Spike girl all the way.”

“Anyone read Twilight? No? I’m obsessed. New Moon just came out and we have to wait a year before Eclipse. Let’s all go to Forks!” (this was before a movie was even optioned.)

You get the picture. So sometimes I’m not quite fitting in with the other 40 something parents around me, who look at me blankly when I try to find that thing we can relate about. And my kids are working to find their own way in the world, to befriend their own ‘people.’ But I no longer always feel out of place. I meet people all the time who are even more into their thing than even I am. People who are savants of fandom detail and people who are beautifully creative and make gorgeous things.

This all leads me to conclude that I am doing exactly what I should be doing. And to all of the people who may not understand my crazy but love and support me anyway, I deeply appreciate it. So if you see me at a con and want to talk about how SpongeBob was a miracle in the first 4 seasons, I’m all about it! I’ll also do my level best to talk about adult stuff, but I may not be able to quote George Stephanopoulos as well as I can Patrick Star.


Star Trek Inspired Journal Kickstarter Launch!


We are so excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign for our Star Trek® inspired First Officer’s Log hardback journal, Leather First Officer’s Log, Boldly Holding tote bag and sticker sheet. Both journals are limited edition and each has a 50 year seal. These special versions of the journals will only be available through the Kickstarter.

Our artist and designer Tracey Gurney has also created a Kickstarter exclusive Star Trek 50 year 11″ x 17″ art poster that she will hand sign!

Take a look at mock ups of all of the new stuff below and please support our campaign and spread the word so we know how many of these to make!

Limited Edition with 50 Year Seal

Boldy Holding Your Con Swag Star Trek Leather Journal Kickstarter Exclusive Star Trek Poster Trek stickers

Thank you so much!

Shelley & Ted

Our Interview with the Associated Press

Associated Press Photo taken at NYCC

Associated Press Photo taken at NYCC

When you are in the midst of the intense and crazed days of a Kickstarter, where your wrists and fingers hurt from all of the computer time spent emailing and well, begging, for some attention, you dream of being a Staff Pick. And you dream that the Associated Press will notice you and interview you. Right? These things did not happen simultaneously but THEY HAPPENED. A few months after our Kickstarter successfully funded, we were getting ready for New York Comic Con. We have our Con*Quest Adventure Journals to take for the first time, so awesome new accessories that our manufacturer pulled off at the last minute and a LOT OF Kickstarter backers who were picking up their journals at the show.

Out of the blue, Joseph Pisani, Big Story business reporter, contacted me to talk about being chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. Then there was this whole thing where a photographer came to our booth at New York Comic Con and took some pictures on the one day I was manning the booth solo. And today the story came out! So here it is, in all it’s fantastic glory.

Associated Press Big Story article:

Successful Kickstarter, Show Schedule and Pre-Orders

Thank you!

Successful Kickstarter

First we just want to say THANK YOU to all of the amazing backers of our successful Kickstarter campaign! We are so very grateful for all of the support, sharing, and general awesome response that we received. What a wild ride it was! There were so many lessons that we learned through the process: how effective videos can be, how we need to continue reaching out to people and networking, how important it is to keep getting the journal in reviewers’ hands and how effective con email blasts are at marketing the journal. But most of all we learned that people love the journal and that has made us more excited than ever to continue building this business and adding new accessories and versions to grow it further. Keep watching the site as we add those accessories and more on our Get It page.

Shows and Pre Orders

We are getting ready for our big show push, shipping out journals and working with our manufacturer to get as many delivered to us as possible in time for Gen Con and Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. We also have a large number of pre-orders for New York Comic Con in October and are super excited for that show as well! Here’s a rundown of our upcoming events:

Gen Con: August 14-17 at the Indiana Convention Center

Pre-order journals here for $5 off before the show!

We’re in our One Less Nemesis booth #1954, pre-orders can be picked up at the show

Wizard World Chicago: August 21-24 at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL

Pre-order journals here for $5 off before the show!

We’re in our One Less Nemesis booth #1954, pre-orders can be picked up at the show

New York Comic Con: October 9-12 at Javits Center in NYC

Pre-order journals here for $5 off before the show!

We’re in booth #2770, pre-orders can be picked up at the show


We will be adding more shows to the fall schedule as we work through the next few weeks and get a feel for inventory and what shows we can get to! Please comment if you have questions and keep checking back with us!

Thank you!

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