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Our Interview with the Associated Press

Associated Press Photo taken at NYCC

Associated Press Photo taken at NYCC

When you are in the midst of the intense and crazed days of a Kickstarter, where your wrists and fingers hurt from all of the computer time spent emailing and well, begging, for some attention, you dream of being a Staff Pick. And you dream that the Associated Press will notice you and interview you. Right? These things did not happen simultaneously but THEY HAPPENED. A few months after our Kickstarter successfully funded, we were getting ready for New York Comic Con. We have our Con*Quest Adventure Journals to take for the first time, so awesome new accessories that our manufacturer pulled off at the last minute and a LOT OF Kickstarter backers who were picking up their journals at the show.

Out of the blue, Joseph Pisani, Big Story business reporter, contacted me to talk about being chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. Then there was this whole thing where a photographer came to our booth at New York Comic Con and took some pictures on the one day I was manning the booth solo. And today the story came out! So here it is, in all it’s fantastic glory.

Associated Press Big Story article:

Peeps Gettin’ Their Con On

We came up with the Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ from going to cons with our t-shirt brand, One Less Nemesis. I had a file folder in my office of all of my photo ops from the cons I had been to and plastic bags shoved in my bottom desk drawer full of business cards and stickers that I had gathered along the way. The closest thing to journaling or scarpbooking I had ever done was a Smashbook. It was perfect for my life because I just wanted something that I could easily stick stuff in, without worrying about page layouts and intense design. I could literally take the ticket from my daughter’s performance and stick it to a page in the Smashbook – so simple for me! That’s really what I want this journal to be. Simple.

The journal can be used in any way that works for you. Buy it for one big show and fill it up. Buy it for all of your shows and build it up over time, move the pages around, or add to it. There is no right or wrong way to journal your con. To give you some ideas and inspiration, I’d like to share some of our own journal pages along with pages from some of the amazing people we’ve met along the way who have shared their journal pages with us. One of the most touching experiences we’ve had is when Tammy Huff messaged us. Her son Justin is nonverbal and starting going to cons recently. He really had no way to communicate to his friends about his con fun, but with our journal, he and Tammy were able to capture all of that magic on the pages and show people the amazing con experiences he was having. Thank you especially to Tammy for sharing this with us and thank you to everyone who contributed their own journal pages!

Justin Huff Artist Quest

Justin huff peepquest

justin huff with journal open Justin Huff yellow pages











 David J. Peterson signing Ashley's book

Laira 1

Laira 2 NYCC

Panel Quest SPN DCcon



NYCC 2014 Exhibitor Exclusive Box Opening!

For the very first time, we are offering a lapel style pin as our show exclusive for New York Comic Con 2014. With just 2 weeks until the show, I received the pins and opened them up for the first time! These will make great collectibles to commemorate the con and you can stick them on the binding of your Con*Quest Adventure Journal to customize it for the show. Check out my video unveiling below and stop by our booth at NYCC, #2770 to get your Con*Quest Adventure Journal and exhibitor exclusive pin. You can still preorder the journal in our Etsy shop as well!

NYCC Pre-Order Special! Link to Etsy

We are having a pre-order special for NYCC! Get $5 off a bag and journal when you pre-order through our Esty shop! You can then pick up your journal and bag at the show in our booth #2770! In the NYCC newsletter, the link leads you to our website, but the special is actually at this link: Our journal and bag will be $40 at the show, so be sure to pre-order at the $35 special price!

So pre-order now and make sure you have the best way to capture your con!

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