SUPERNATURAL Sam and Dean Monster Lore Vol. 1 pages are IN

Hey guys! We are SO EXCITED to let you know that the new Sam and Dean Monster Lore Vol. 1 pages are now IN STOCK! The page set is 20 (40 front and back) journal pages with original art covering roughly seasons 1 - 3. Vampires, the yellow-eyed demon, Vanir, Croatoan and even research on the Colt are all included. The boys have had John's Journal on the road with them for years and they've seen some things, right? We created pages to reflect their hunts. The pages are hole-punched and 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" to fit perfectly in John Winchester's Journal

Here are a few quick shots I took of the first set. We love them and hope you do too!

Hugs - Shelley


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