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Sneak Peek at the journal pages!

We’re about to go on press with our Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ and we want to share some its awesomeness with you now! There are actually two versions of the journal, our newest one is full of really fun art inspired specifically by the comic-con ‘verse. Which page is your favorite?

The journal is a Show Exclusive for C2E2!
Get that autograph and snap a pict! You’ll then know whose signature that is!
I had “The Oatmeal” drawn on my Artist Quest page 🙂
One of my fave things to do it get picts with the cosplayers. I’m taking my Polaroid…
Get twitter accounts, emails, names of the cool peeps you meet
Now you have a place to actually write down those frickin funny things they say!
Extra fun page to fill in with quotes and notes
How many times do you go back to a show and forgot the best food you ate? Now you’ll know!

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    MELANIE Teal


    I have ordered my first journal and I can’t wait to get it


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