C2E2 Recap and upcoming events!

We had a great time at C2E2, there is always such a fun vibe there and so many great people. This was our first event debuting our red Con*Quest Adventure Journal™. Every person we talked with said “what a GREAT idea!” We had some customer pre-orders who picked up their journals at the booth and their feedback was amazing.

Our next events: You can pick up our original brown Con*Quest Adventure Journal at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural DCcon this weekend (May 2 to 4) in the vendor room at Creation tables! There is a very limited quantity, so get yours FAST.

Dallas Comic Con May 16 to 18: We don’t have our booth number yet, but you can pre-order a journal and get a FREE CANVAS TOTE! You can pick it up in the booth at the show. Order here!

Wizard World Philadelphia June 19 – 22. We will have pre-orders up closer to the show for this one too.

Here is a quick photo recap of C2E2:

Our debut journal was a C2E2 Show Exclusive!
Would ya look at that spread
Clearly I needed more signage
Next time: a table runner on the front. We still have to explain what the journal is
“WHERE’S CARL??” – he was at C2E2 signing my journal
Author Kevin Hearne! I love him
Kevin DREW Oberon in my journal.
Um. I fangirled on Kevin
People love, love the long handled canvas bags
They needed more lightsabers…
EXTERMINATE! In trendy yellow no less
Don’t blink suckas!
My fangs made the outfit.
At least he didn’t end up with gray cake makeup between his toes like I did
After con carb fest: Bacon and Macaroni and Cheese at Emerald Loop
I’m so proud

If you went to C2E2, what was your favorite part of the show? And if you picked up a journal, tell us how it made your show even more fun!

C2E2 Show Exclusive and Freebie!

This is just a quick reminder that the first 25 customers who buy a Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ each day of C2E2 will receive a free canvas tote bag! We are so excited to be rolling out our new C2E2 show exclusive Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ in the One Less Nemesis booth #743! Get to our booth fast, we’re bringing a limited quantity of both!

What is an adventure journal? It’s your place to stick, stuff and journal your convention adventure, designed especially for comic-con lovers. From your favorite vendors and artists, to autographs, cosplay and photo-ops, there’s a place for anything and everything you do at a convention. 

For a look inside the journal, we posted the pages in this POST. For more detail about what the journal is, read this POST. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest details! We’ll let you know when the inventory is getting low. See you at the show!



Con*Quest™ Adventure Journals – C2E2 Show Exclusive Pre-orders with free bag!


We are taking a limited number of journals for our big launch in booth 743 at C2E2 in Chicago next week, April 25 to 27 at McCormick Place. We know you have a lot of stuff to do as soon as you get through the doors, so we’re going to make it easy for you to get one of our journals without fear of missing out! Introducing our C2E2 Pre-Order! All you have to do is order a journal in our Etsy Shop (for only $30) and we’ll have it waiting for you in booth 743 to pick up when you have a chance.

Order here!

And because we are giving away tote bags to the first 25 customers to the booth who buy a journal, we’re going to give you one too! We don’t have a picture just yet, but it’s a great canvas tote with a long messenger style handle. Perfect for holding your journal and all of your extras in!

Order here now and we’ll have your journal and bag waiting for you in booth 743, no rush and no waiting! 

The journal is 32 pages plus a business card holder, zipper pouch and two sleeves for holding photo-ops. The binder is canvas covered, 3 ring so you can adjust and add pages!

Extra accessories and pages can be purchased at the show. 

Show Exclusive inside page

What’s a Con*Quest Adventure Journal? 
Here are the deets and specs!
The Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ is your place to stick, stuff and journal your convention adventure. From your favorite vendors and artists, to autographs, cosplay and photo-ops, there’s a place for anything and everything you do at a convention.

Write in, stick on and stuff in everything you’re experiencing

Put your 8” x 10” photo-ops or signed comics in the sleeves

Stuff your tickets and stubs in the zippered pocket

Have the autograph pages signed and stick a picture by it

Jot down your favorite quotes from the panels

Grab business cards, take pictures and jot down all of the favorite things you’re eating, people you’re meeting, vendors you love and artists you admire. Fill it all in as it’s happening! Move pages, change sections, paste, stuff and note. Make it yours.

By the time you leave, you’ll have a journal of your own personal Con Adventure!


Sneak Peek at the journal pages!

We’re about to go on press with our Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ and we want to share some its awesomeness with you now! There are actually two versions of the journal, our newest one is full of really fun art inspired specifically by the comic-con ‘verse. Which page is your favorite?

The journal is a Show Exclusive for C2E2!
Get that autograph and snap a pict! You’ll then know whose signature that is!
I had “The Oatmeal” drawn on my Artist Quest page 🙂
One of my fave things to do it get picts with the cosplayers. I’m taking my Polaroid…
Get twitter accounts, emails, names of the cool peeps you meet
Now you have a place to actually write down those frickin funny things they say!
Extra fun page to fill in with quotes and notes
How many times do you go back to a show and forgot the best food you ate? Now you’ll know!

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